Hamelin D’abell Method
6 week inch loss course 2.

6 week inch loss course 2.

50 GBP
Online course start: November 17th.

Inch loss based interval training to achieve targeted firming and pulling in whilst creating sleek definition and deep strength.

Each class is around 90 minutes in length. The workout starts with a warm up and then leads into a mixture of high repletion (low resistance) toning and short cardio bursts to maximise fat loss and metabolic burn. Each toning move is designed to deeply tighten and pull in specific parts of the body for noticeable results. You will only need a mat for these classes, the entire format is body weight based only.

Stretching and cool down is also included in each workout.

The class is filmed on a Saturday and is generally released that very same day. The workout is downloadable. 
The course is ongoing for 6 weeks.