Hamelin D’abell Method

Blitzmatics Original

15 GBP
Deep focused toning targeted and designed for 4 specific challenge areas:

1. Arms/shoulders
2. Abs/waist
3. Thighs (standing thigh work)
4. Glutes

Each area will receive 15 minutes of DEEP blitz training. You can also add-on the individual 15 minute segment to other workouts when needed - or on days where you're very short on time. 15 minutes of HDM tightening moves to refine, define and elongate your specific challenge area. Hamelin does not believe in problem areas, only challenge areas - Blitzmatics is the go to workout for fast, efficient toning on go.

This workout features all Hamelin's new tightening moves to re-sculpt and tighten the whole body.
You will need a pair of light hand weights (3lbs) and a pair of ankle weights (2-3lbs).

Preview: https://youtu.be/NRPTWxoiMZk