Hamelin D’abell Method

Blitzmatics Basic Series 1.

49 GBP15 GBP
This series comes with 9 workouts spread over 3 months.

Each monthly Series includes:

1) toning
2) cardio (low to mid intensity)
3) foam rolling

You will receive all 3 months upon purchase.

The toning is based on small concentrated moves that will tighten the muscles fast and give you more definition. Ankle weights and hand weights is needed for the toning.

The cardio is low to mid intensity with a focus on burning fat and using full range of motion. The cardio workout is fun, effective and includes the use of hand weights. Most of the classes are in low impact.

The foam rolling workouts uses different moves to 'roll out' the thighs and hips to prevent swelling, soreness and/or post workout puffiness.