Hamelin D’abell Method

Blitzmatics CONCEPT Series 1, 3 months.

49 GBP
Blitzmatics Concept is taking Blitzmatics training to the next level by adding in various props to increase deep strength, muscle tightening, joint stabilisation, leaner muscle mass, sleeker physique and increased movement awareness. You will be working with Bosu ball, slant board, resistance bands, xercufs, Step and the traditional Blitzmatics moves introduced in classic Blitzmatics. The series comes as a 3 months subscription.

You will receive following every month:

1: Blitzmatics Concept Cardio (around 1 hour)
2: Blitzmatics Concept Toning (around 1 hour)
3: Blitzmatics Concept stretching (around 10-15 minutes)

Blitzmatics Concept Cardio is mid intensity CardioTone using light hand weights to increase the metabolism whilst toning and strengthening the upper body (arms and shoulders in particular). Concept Cardio is a bit more athletic than the Blitz Cardio format used in Blitzmatics "Basic" Series. The Concept Cardio format will help you burn fat and streamline your body.

Blitzmatics Concept Toning takes classic Blitzmatics Toning to the next level by challenging the muscles on a much deeper level through the use of Bosu, slant board, resistance band work and so much more. The emphasis is on creating strong, sleek and beautiful muscles without the usual 'stress' or tear. The moves are kept precise, isolated and safe. The concept classes will also have some of the traditional Blitzmatics mat work exercises for abs, thighs etc.

Blitzmatics Concept Stretch focuses on loosening up the body and stretching out the muscles. This stretch segment can be added to all the Blitzmatics workouts as an added stretch benefit.