Hamelin D’abell Method

Blitzmatics Series 2, 3 months.

49 GBP
Blitzmatics (Basic) Series comes as a 3 months subscription programme. Each month includes following:

1 hour of Blitzmatics Cardio
1 hour of Blitzmatics Toning
10-15min of Blitzmatics foam rolling

Blitzmatics cardio is cardio with toning and endurance without the usual feel of HIIT. In fact, Blitzmatics Cardio is fairly low to mid intensity and you will move in and out of small routines just like classic high-low aerobics except Blitz cardio is a lot more low impact and the pace is slower. This will enable you to work deep and use full range of motion. Light hand weights will also be added to the routine but not in the same way as CardioTone where weights are used in a more consistent manner. This new cardio format is low to mid intensity and has a deep focus on balance, toning and isolated moves to create a lithe and defined physique.

Blitzmatics Toning will offer you a variation of moves to sculpt, tighten, strengthen and pull in your frame. Small isolated moves performed at a slow to mid tempo pace whilst using mental focus to connect with the move and to remain fully aware of the entire body. Light hand weights, ankle weights and gliding discs are also being used. Sometimes a Step will be included in the workout, but it's not a must that you have one at hand. Blitz Toning is both standing work and work performed on the mat.

Blitzmatics foam rolling is segmented foam rolling to massage the muscles deeply. Especially the muscles in the hip, thigh and glutes. Blitzmatics foam rolling will also prevent muscle swelling or deep muscle soreness. Over time you will notice further slimming of the thighs and less cellulite when combining your Blitzmatics foam rolling with your Bliztmatics cardio and toning.