Hamelin D’abell Method


15 GBP
Welcome to 1:04hr of Bodymatics by Hamelin D'abell Method.

A deep muscle workout that covers following area:

Abs, core
Arms, shoulders, back
Thighs, hips, glutes

Bodymatics can be done as a focused 'detox'. This includes 5-6 weekly Bodymatic practices for 3-4 weeks. You can repeat the detox for another 3-4 weeks in case you want further and more intense results, make sure you combine the detox with cardio and some full body work every week.

The workout doesn't include warm up so please be warmed up prior to starting Bodymatics. You will need following for Bodymatics: Mat, chair/barre/wall and 3-4lb weights.
Get ready to watch your own body transform and tighten up!