Hamelin D’abell Method
Cardio Series. THREE months.

Cardio Series. THREE months.

45 GBP
THREE months option. 

With the new series starting in a few days, I'm happy to say that they will reflect the new direction of my future projects both in terms of production standards, results and efficiency. The market is currently booming with cardio streaming in various forms, so where or how does my material stand out? First and foremost, I'm obsessed with results...there's no point in doing something if doesn't deliver. I want more than just a workout or move around for an hour or so, I want to know why this workout is effective, what kind of results can be achieved and I want the program to be targeted and structured. The thought and planning put into the workouts is purely reflected in it the structure and layering of moves and strategic muscle activation, everything has its purpose and the intent is very direct and clear.

With the new series you receive two workouts:

1) CardioTone 
2) HI Pulse

CardioTone has stood the test of time and is very much an integrated part of #hamelin18 CardioTone is low impact floor cardio using light hand weights to increase the metabolic burn, tone arms and shoulders and improve strength as well as posture alignment. Easy to follow routines done in low to mid intensity. The intensity gradually builds up. The moves are targeted but not taxing, they're can be challenging but not exhausting. CardioTone is excellent for anyone and everybody and can easily be classified as a 'walking workout'.

HI Pulse gets you moving and sweating...quickly. High intensity moves done in high and low impact, straight forward routines that are easy to follow yet challenging enough to keep you focused. This is a format that pushes you! The pace is classic and fluid, and you will be using big moves that really hits your arms and shoulders. Hi Pulse will promote tightening of the body whilst burning a high amount of calories. It's a cardio challenge that will make you smile and feel fantastic. HI Pulse is classic high low but at a more intermediate/advanced level in terms of endurance.

Both workouts will be around the 45-50 minute range (post stretch included) in length. Music is layered on top the workout and the routines/moves are done in a very structured manner. A lot of thought and planning is being put into these workouts so that YOU get the most out of YOUR workout time. You will receive your 2 new workouts every 5 weeks for 6 months. I hope you join me in this new venture of #hamelin18 All music used in the new series is being specially produced for each of the individual workouts.

You will receive your 2 workouts once every 5 weeks. The workouts are downloadable via VIMEO.