Hamelin D’abell Method
CardioTone 2a

CardioTone 2a

15 GBP
NEW fat burning low impact cardio and toning workout taught by Hamelin.

This workout presents the classic CardioTone format where floor cardio is mixed with upper body toning using light hand weights. Get lean, firm and defined whilst sweating yourself in shape through steady state cardio that will strengthen your heart and lungs as well as stimulate fat loss. Hamelin takes you through a low impact warm up followed by pure CardioTone cardio at its best, for this you will need light hand weights (0.5-3lbs). Easy to follow routines and fun toning steps that will keep you busy and smiling from start to finish.

55 minutes of CardioTone incl. warm up and cool down/stretch.

You can stream and download this workout right away.

This workout is part of the current CardioSeries 2018.