Hamelin D’abell Method
CardioTone G (General)

CardioTone G (General)

15 GBP
51 minutes of fat burning cardio and weighted upper body toning combined into one simple but effective CardioTone routine. CardioTone G is great for newbies and for people looking for an effective toning workout with an added cardio benefit. The class starts with a warm up and then goes straight into the weighted floor cardio - the routine is very space friendly - Hamelin builds up small and short segments that hits all the muscles to promote tight, lean and sleek muscle tone without adding bulk or 'pump'. CardioTone G is performed in a low'ish to mid intensity level which is the most effective pace for burning fat, you can therefore use full range of motion and really work into the moves and exercises in a safe yet effective manner. The workout finishes with a short un-weighted toning segment working the arms, shoulders, waist and thighs and then you finish off with a good and thorough stretch. 

You will need a pair of 1-3lb weights for CardioTone G
Time: 51 minutes.