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CardioTone 2

CardioTone 2

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What is CardioTone? It's a fairly low impact floor cardio routine that uses very light hand weights and traditional aerobics moves without the jumping. The pace is low to mid intensity and therefore easy to follow + it enables you to use full ROM (Range Of Motion) which will assist you in a greater metabolic burn and muscle activation. My new CardioTone recording is based on the MELT principle where inch loss and sleek/refined tone is the number 1 priority (besides keeping it safe and effective ;) ). The majority of the work has been taken out of the thighs to minimise quad and outer thigh development - the thigh muscles will still remain activated but NOT targeted. We are going for the slim, toned and glowing look...healthy body, healthy skin, healthy outlook on life. We want to feel great and have enough energy for the rest of the day instead of feeling exhausted and knackered from our cardio workout.

This new CardioTone workout is created with progressive stages throughout the workout. The intensity gradually increases and so does the metabolic burn. The benefit of the added hand weights will in return promote sleek arm/shoulder definition whilst stimulating the body to burn more fat...both during AND after the workout.

Welcome to 54 minutes of pure CardioTone bliss. Non stop cardio in low impact done in low to mid intensity pace. 

All you will need for this workout is a good pair of shoes, a pair of 1-2lb hand weights and a pair of 1-2.5lb ankle weights. 

PREVIEW: https://youtu.be/2axZrKMehZ0