Hamelin D’abell Method
Classic Method Toning Workout.

Classic Method Toning Workout.

15 GBP
67 minutes of focused toning for beginners to experienced exercisers. A great workout for anyone new to HDM. All exercises are thoroughly explained, there is great attention to detail and plenty of form pointers throughout the entire workout. You will be taken through a soothing warm up followed by total body toning where everything gets covered from arms to shoulders, to waist, hips, thighs, glutes, back of the hips, abs, the back and so much more. The workout focuses on deep muscle work done at the barre and on the mat. If you are an experienced exerciser, feel free to add on wrist and ankle weights.
You will need following for Classic Method Toning: 2-4lb weights, mat and a barre/chair. 
Preview here: http://youtu.be/UFwZMwzXd9s