Hamelin D’abell Method
DMW course 4.  2016

DMW course 4. 2016

65 GBP
This course has a total of 10 classes.

Experience and explore the transforming effect of Hamelin's DMW (Deep Muscle Work). This technique has stood the test of time and has attracted a continuous ever growing group of devoted practitioners. The foundation of DMW (Deep Muscle Work) is found within the system of slow and controlled movement using very little weight but specific positioning to optimise every exercise. Every move is performed with awareness, relaxed breathing and gentle contraction through specific muscular activation. Fusion based barre work designed and created by Hamelin will tailor-tone the physique into a more streamlined and timeless appearance without creating 'hard' definition or bulk. Mat work is also incorporated into the DMW system, here you will find moves similar to the ones used in Pilates, Yoga and even ballet, but the structure and sequence is different, and so is the approach. You will over time develop greater understanding of your unique body in motion, muscular activation and you will develop an effortless sense of ease during movement. There is a great emphasis on stretching in DMW - this way we ease stored tension in the body as well as in the mind. Little equipment is used in DMW, and more than often you'll only need a mat, a light pair of weights and sometimes a chair. Week after week you will notice your body "pulling in", thighs becoming slimmer and elongated, abs pulling in, arms and shoulders gaining sleek definition - and most of all; you feeling more and more balanced and calm. DMW has the physical aspect of deep workout and the mental aspect of a deep yoga practice.