Hamelin D’abell Method

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Four (yes, four in total) NEW calorie burning and fat melting workouts are in the process of being filmed. These four workouts will push your heart rate up, maximise your fat burn and assist you in getting a leaner tighter interval/cardio-trained body.
All four workouts can be done on their own or they can be added on to any HDM rotation whether it's Blitzmatics, DMW, HDM Series, Yoga etc. Every workout is around an hour in length and the main focus is on interval training. You will be doing CardioTone, low impact aerobics, High-low, weighted toning, floor work, 'hard core' abdominal training, boxing, Aero kick boxing, jump rope, tougher interval training where the intervals are timed in a specific sequence...and so much more. If you have a pair of 3 lb weights and 5 lb weights, some ankle weights, jump rope, a mat and the will to workout and sweat then THIS IS for you. Be prepared to sweat and be prepared to see results.