Hamelin D’abell Method


15 GBP
74 minutes of GLUTE focused exercises to target the GLUTES from all angels, in return the student will notice a vast improvement in firmness, shape, strength as well improved skin texture and skin tone. The exercises will also help to shape and slim down the hips and lower abs. Feel free to track your results by taking a before/after tracking photo.

Glutemetics can be done as a focused 'detox'. This includes 5-6 weekly Glutematic practices for 3-4 weeks. You can repeat the detox for another 3-4 weeks in case you want further and more intense results, make sure you combine the detox with cardio and some full body work every week.

All the Glutematic exercises are done at a very controlled and fluid pace. The workout has no initial warm up as such, please feel free to do a brief warm up and stretch before hand. Post workout stretch is included towards the end of the Glutematic practice.
For Glutematics you will need following: Mat, one 3-4lb weight, resistance band and a chair/barre for support.