Hamelin D’abell Method

HBliss - SPECIAL Regimen, 3 months

1620 GBP
HBliss is for the person looking for a change in lifestyle or taking on a new powerful regimen where exercise, health and spirituality come together. The customised package is one of its kind and the training will extend over 3 months with the program itself split into 2 x 6 weeks. The package includes following:

Skype consultation
2 x customised Blitzmatics Cardio
2 x customised Blitzmatics Toning
2 x 60min Skype personal training
2 x Skype calls (follow up)
Breath work
Chakra work
Sree Yantra installation
2 x Ayurvedic consultation via Skype with Ayurvedic doctor in London UK. The consultation will include dosha configuration, nutrition/detox advice, lifestyle advice and supplementation advice.

This program is approached from a positive aspect, creating a calm positive mind and a healthy balanced body. The package is limited to 10 people only on a first come first serve basis.