Hamelin D’abell Method

HDM Series, 6 months

89 GBP
The regular HDM course is now switching to HDM series. The student will receive 2 monthly HDM classes for 6 months instead of weekly classes. The class structure will remain the same - CardioTone, interval training, mat work and resistance/fat burning work using bands, gliders and the like. The classes will be delivered directly to your inbox for downloading. Join Hamelin for a fatburning intensity toning class with cardio intervals and endurance training to give you the maximum results. Expect a tighter physique, slimmer muscles, more definition all over, increased strength, weight loss, pulled in abs, sleek arms and a metabolism that will help you burn more fat in your every day life. Each class is different - new moves, new music, different tools (resistance bands, weights, gliders etc.) and there's always a big emphasis on safety and keeping the moves 'friendly' towards the body.