Hamelin D’abell Method

HDM Yoga Series, 6 months

89 GBP
Join Hamelin in what became his first step towards his Hamelin D'abell Method. Classic pure Yoga in its traditional form. You will receive 2 HDM Yoga classes per month for 6 months - the classes will either be in the form of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga or Kundalini Yoga. Each class will contain Pranayam (breathing exercises) at the end followed by finishing relaxation.

The classes will be taught in a down to earth manner in a language everyone can understand. 

These classes can be practiced daily and/or be combined with your usual HDM rotation. Experience a deeper and more progressive connection with yourself, increased awareness, self acceptance, deeper sense of inner calm and balance, improved flexibility, movement fluidity and grace, less stress and a more positive approach towards life itself.

Hamelin started teaching Yoga back in the early 90s and has since then deepened his practice and directed it more towards self development inside out whilst building a body that's flexible, strong and elegant in posture and movement.

Every class is around an hour in length, and will be available both in stream and download format. The classes will arrive in your inbox once a month.

Preorder price will increase to £80 from Wednesday 17th of August. The course will release Monday the 5th of September, and will cost £89 for all 6 months.