Hamelin D’abell Method
London Boot Camp. Streaming

London Boot Camp. Streaming

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4 Day Boot Camp taught at the exclusive Rambert studios in central London. This Boot Camp focuses on mid intensity workouts to promote fat loss, pulled in muscles, deeper strength and an overall sleeker physique.

Day1, 90 minutes:
Fairly low impact cardio with a slight toning emphasis at a medium BPM around 130. Excellent for burning fat and big range of motion. Cardio is followed by classic mat toning with exercises that will target the abdominals, glutes and thighs. This sequence will help to tighten and pull in the muscles. The class finishes with a long deep stretch.

Day2, 90 minutes: 
Low impact cardio-tone with a focus on fat loss and toning. The cardio is followed by blitzmatics mat work - focused mat toning for the smaller muscle groups. The moves are small, precise and isolated. Ankle weights are optional. The class ends with a long deep stretch.

Day3, 2 hours:
One hour of high intensity circuit with high impact aerobics. The circuit focuses on fat burning, calorie burning and muscle endurance. The circuit is then followed by a mat circuit for abs, thighs and butt and then moves onto a classic Blitzmatics mat work segment. The class ends with a long deep stretch.

Day4, 2 hours:
Effective 'Exclusive' circuit training. Excellent for weight loss, fat loss and body tightening. Be prepared to sweat!
Exclusive circuit is followed by Blitzmatics toning (standing and mat) - small isolated, precise and focused moves to tighten and pull in the muscles. Hand weights/ankle weights optional. A chair is needed for the Blitzmatics toning. The class ends with a long deep stretch.

Most of the classes only require a pair of light weights and ankle weights.