Hamelin D’abell Method
MELT program 2.

MELT program 2.

50 GBP
The MELT program for test group 2 is now available for a limited period of time.

12 weeks of transformational inch loss targeted toning and endurance exercises.

Week 1 - 2: preparatory circuit consisting of targeted individual high rep exercises.

Week 3-12: ten individual full length MELT workouts of 50-60 minutes in length combining toning and cardio into one focused muscle tightening regime. High rep toning that will hit the muscles to promote a tighter, slimmer and leaner physique without stressing the adrenals. All the moves are safe and anatomically supportive on the body. You will need light hand weights, ankle weights, a mat, chair and gliders for these workouts.

You want to be doing MELT 5 to 6 days per week and take 1-2 rest days. Allow your body to relax and 'rebuild' on the rest days. This is a structured program where you do 1 workout/class per week before moving on to the next, make sure you take 1-2 full rest days per week.

Recommended add-on cardio for MELT: power walking, running (taking small steps to minimise muscle activity in the thighs/hips), CardioTone, high impact aerobics and jump rope.