Hamelin D’abell Method

NEW Cardio Series 2017, 3 months.

44.50 GBP
Starting January 2017.

Twice a month two new full length cardio workouts will be designed and choreographed within the individual styles of high intensity high/low aerobics and then low impact CardioTone.

The Method student will receive one full length high intensity high/low aerobics workout and one full length low impact CardioTone workout every month for three months. The workouts will be recorded live. Warm up and post stretch will be included in every single cardio class. For added fun some of the classes will have a slight circuit feel to them, but the over all structure will still remain close to the original class description.

Workout 1 is classic high intensity high low impact aerobics, this is hard and challenging cardio and you're being pushed to the max whilst having fun, routines are athletic and choreographed. Workout 2 is weighted floor aerobics at a slower pace compared to workout 1, you're using 0.5-1 kilo weights throughout most of the workout whilst moving through various toning/cardio routines...workout 2 is much more focused on toning and burning fat whilst keeping it true to the cardio format...toning is blended into the routine (think ballet moves, kick boxing etc.).