Hamelin D’abell Method

ONLINE Bootcamp version

40 GBP

Thursday Sept 28th, 6:30pm-8:00pm 
45min mid intensity cardio - hi/lo cardio with a slight toning emphasis at a medium BPM around 130/135. Excellent for burning fat and big range of motion.
45min mat toning - classic mat toning with exercises that will target the abdominals, glutes and thighs. This sequence will help to tighten and pull in the muscles.

Friday Sept 29th, 6:30pm-8:00pm 
45min cardioTone - low impact cardio with a focus on toning. Light hand weights will be used throughout the cardio portion to lean and define the arms and shoulders.
45min blitzmatics mat work - focused mat toning for the smaller muscle groups. The moves are small, precise and isolated. Ankle weights are optional.

Saturday Sept 30th, 12:00pm-14:00pm
60min circuit training (this class has high impact aerobics) - high intensity circuit with high impact aerobics. Fat burning, calorie burning and muscle endurance.
60min abs, butt, thighs - this starts as a mat circuit for abs, butt and thighs and then moves onto a classic DMW (deep-muscle-work)- like toning segment. 

Sunday Sept 31st, 12:00pm-14:00pm
60min exclusive circuit training - challenging circuit training. Excellent for weight loss, fat loss and body tightening. Be prepared to sweat!
60min blitzmatics toning (standing and mat) - small isolated, precise and focused moves to tighten and pull in the muscles. Hand weights/ankle weights optional.

This boot camp will include a 6 day to day workout rotation.

The workouts will be sent out a few days after the bootcamp.