Hamelin D’abell Method
ONLINE Version. Melt boot camp.

ONLINE Version. Melt boot camp.

25 GBP
This is the filmed version of the upcoming master classes taught by Hamelin to a group of students. The filmed version will be released within days of completing the master class weekend.

Saturday January 27th 2:30-4:00pm : 45min Blitz CardioTone, 45min MELT
Sunday January 28th 1:00-2:30pm : 30min Blitz Band Tone, 60min Blitz MELT

Blitzmatics CardioTone:
Low impact cardio using light hand weights to shape and sculpt the upper body whilst providing an effective metabolic fat burn. The presented format will have a mixture of moves and sequences all done in low impact with minimum weighted (full) flexion on the knees. Toning and cardio combined into one workout.

Blitzmatics Band Tone:
Toning based workout using resistance band/xertube to sculpt, define and tighten the physique using new Blitzmatics moves. The workout will have a mixture of standing, kneeling and side lying exercises to target the various muscle groups.

Blitzmatics MELT:
Interval based Blitzmatics mixing Blitzmatics cardio, Blitzmatics toning and classic endurance elements into one flowing sequence. Hand weights, ankle weights and resistance bands are used in this class.