Hamelin D’abell Method

Preorder: Blitzmatics Boot Camp 2

55 GBP
This new package is mixture of open classes (with students) and 1on1 with Hamelin. You will learn the details of Blitzmatics and how to use Blitzmatics moves in various ways and in various individual workouts such as:

2 x Blitzmatics Minimal - Back to basics! Minimal equipment, focused toning

2 x Blitzmatics Cardio - muscle tightening and body transforming low impact cardio in low to mid-intensity 

2 x Blitzmatics Toning - classic Blitzmatis toning using ankle weights, xercuff, hand weights and Bosu/Step

1 x Blitzmatics Xpress - Blitzmatics super toning moves on the go when short on time

3 x Blitzmatics CONCEPT - Blitzmatics toning using Bosu, ankle weights and slant board

1 x Blitzmatics foam rolling

1 x Blitzmatics stretching

Experience the transforming effect of Blitzmatics. Your body will tighten and reshape itself to a leaner, slimmer and sleeker appearance. All the moves are controlled and focused. Say hello to the new generation of toning and visible results. 

This package includes a 6 week boot camp rotation.