Hamelin D’abell Method
Test Group 2, admin fee.

Test Group 2, admin fee.

25 GBP
MELT Test Group 2.

Test Group 2 starts April 16.

12 weeks of inch loss targeted workouts that will improve overall symmetry, muscle balance, flexibility whilst enhancing fat loss, weight loss, muscle contouring, strength and overall well-being. These workouts are specifically designed to tighten and pull in the physique whilst creating a sleek and 'elegant' muscle contouring. This is a highly structured program that comes with a new weekly workout delivered via a private Facebook workout group. Each class includes high rep inch loss targeted toning and short bursts of cardio. Very little equipment is needed; light hand weights, mat, ankle weights, gliders and jump rope (and sometimes a chair).

Week 1-2: weekly preparatory circuit

Week 3-12: weekly full length classes

All the workouts includes short bursts of cardio. Added cardio to MELT training can be power walking, jogging (taking small steps), jump rope, Jumping Jacks or CardioTone.

MELT is a workout that produces fast results, it's a structured and strict regime. MELT can be done up to 5-6 days a week with 1-2 total rest days. The student is welcome to do double workouts to speed up desired results.

For more info on MELT please email info@hamelindabellmethod.com