Hamelin D’abell Method

Thighmatics I

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Thighmatics is a sequence of specific exercises that will slim down the thighs, pull in the muscles, de-bulk, define and redefine the muscles, lift and shrink the seat so that it becomes firm and tight, create nice V lines in the frontal hips, pull in the waist, elongate and lengthen the thighs and slim down the back of the hips/lower back region. Thighmatics has become a favorite amongst all the Method fans, it's a 'deep' workout that will challenge the muscles, and the practitioner may have to build up his or her strength to complete the various reps and exercises. People have seen results from this workout even after the first session! The workout requires a mat, a 3lb weight and a chair/barre for balance, the entire sequence is floor/mat based. For a thigh detox (getting rid of all the sagging or loose muscle, cellulite, bulk etc.) do Thighmatics I five to six days per week for three weeks in a row, after that either cut down to maintenance which is two to three sessions per week or do another three week thigh detox. Thighmatics I is 57 minutes long.