Hamelin D’abell Method

Webisode 1, 2014.

25 GBP10 GBP
Two workouts are included in webisode 1.


We start with a warm up which takes us into a weighted low impact aerobics section, please use very light weights (1kg/2.5lb) for this routine. The Low'n tone section is followed by high and low impact aerobics, jump rope intervals are also included, each jump rope interval has 100 jumps, and we finish off with pure high impact, then standing toning plus stretching.

Note: Please work at your own pace. Keep the impact low if the higher impact material gets a bit too much.


Nice deep full body routine where we do a mixture of barre work, chair work, mat work and standing arm/shoulder toning. Control every single move, AND complete every single move - no slagging. Challenge your abs during the ab-work, really lift high and keep the lower back pressed down into the mat. 

Note: Use between 2-4lb weights for upper body toning. Ankle weights should be around 1.5-2lbs each.