Hamelin D’abell Method

Webisode 2, 2014.

25 GBP10 GBP
Two workouts are included in this webisode.


This first segment is 100% high low impact aerobics to the max. We start with a warm up and then the intensity and impact slowly starts to increase throughout the entire routine. Find your own suitable level during this sequence, if there’s too much impact please march in place or switch to step touch whilst carrying on with the arm moves. If you enjoy the impact but find the intensity a bit too challenging then please carry on jumping but avoid using the arms (rest the hands on your hips), as the arms moves will add to the intensity.

The routine switches to weighted CardioTone after 25 minutes. For this segment please use 2lb hand weights! The speed is slower for full ROM (Range Of Motion), try and make your moves as big as possible, make your grapevines big, make your step touch wide, reach high up with your arms AND most importantly control e-v-e-r-y single move. The CardioTone segment will enhance your fat burn.


This toning workout is a bit longer than normal. You will be toning your body for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The workout starts with a standing- combined kneeling barre sequence. During barre work keep your spine straight, core engaged and keep your breath fluent whilst maintaining ‘fluidity’ and control in all your moves.

After 15 minutes of barre, we switch to a more traditional and classic HDM mat sequence. Here you’ll be using your light weights (3-4lb weights), a mat, a pillow or a thick book (OR a yoga block) and a chair/table/wall for support. Try and close the eyes during some of the moves and allow yourself to relax mentally, allow the toning sequence to become very meditative.

Try and challenge your  muscles during the various toning moves, use deeper muscular contraction and movement control.